Thank you for your interest in CLASSIFIED, a members-only dining and social club located in an undisclosed location.

Classified Application Process

  1. Fill out, sign, and date the attached membership application.
  2. Once your initial payment has been made, you will be sent a link to download your personalized app (functional on both Android and IOS).  This will be used for access to the club as well as purchasing items, setting reservations and preferences.
  3. After completion of membership application process you will be contacted to schedule a brief orientation at our Woodstock location

Membership Details

  1. All Memberships are individual.
  2. There are a limited number of premier memberships which offer use of a private on-site locker.
  3. All memberships are set to auto-renew annually and prices are subject to change.
  4. Current fees are as follows:  
    1. Initiation fee of $500 (one time). 
    2. Annual dues of $500 per member ($700 for a PLUS ONE) membership
    3. Additional $500 per member to have a locker included with your membership.* (Sold Out)
  5. PLUS ONE membership allows members to bring a +1 with them on every visit.
  6. Additional member benefits are on the attached page.

*ask about getting on our wait list

Operating Hours

Classified is open Thursday through Sunday for dinner service only.  The bar opens at 5PM and remains open based on demand until midnight.  Dinner service runs from 5PM until 10PM except on Sunday when service ends at 9PM.  Classified is closed on major holidays and for lunch service.  However, the space is available for private events on the days we are not open for regular service, and is a great location for private parties, or executive level board meetings.  This can be scheduled through our event coordinator.

Locker Policy

Members with a Premier membership will have access to private lockers.  Members may store/remove any legal item (cigars, personal liquor, barrel pick purchase, etc.) in their lockers for immediate access while at the club.  Each member will be issued their own key, for which they will be responsible, to access their locker.  If a member wants to retrieve something from their locker or put something in it, they will need the assistance of a staff member of Classified due to liability concerns.

Reservations and Child Policy

Reservations are REQUIRED at the club during service hours so that we may provide you with the best service possible.  No one under the age of 21 is allowed in Classified.  No parties of more than 4 will be guaranteed seating at the same area due to limited seating.  Members are strongly encouraged to not make reservations for groups larger than 4.

Guest Policy

  • Members with a PLUS ONE membership will be allowed a single non member guest with them on each visit, it is not required that the guest be the same person each time.
  • All Members will be allowed up to 3 guest passes per month for non-member guests at no charge.  Additional guests above this monthly limit will incur an additional charge of $15 per guest per visit.
  • Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times.


Dress Code: It is our intent to provide a first-class atmosphere for our members and their guests. Dress code is extremely important and will be maintained as Business Casual. In the dining room, Gentlemen are required to wear slacks or dress jeans and a collared shirt. Ladies will be required to wear dresses, skirts, dress jeans, slacks, blouses, or sweaters. From time to time, special events will require jackets, cocktail attire, or black tie; this requirement will be published on the event registration page and on marketing materials. No abbreviated attire including athletic wear, hoodies, yoga pants, pajama wear, track suits, shorts, hats, caps, flip flops, or ragged jeans will be allowed in the dining room and throughout the club. Shoes must always be worn; sandals are never permitted.

Behavior: Classified expects all members and guests to be respectful of others and behave in a professional manner. Inappropriate behavior, including severe drunkenness, disorderly conduct, harassing of staff, other members or guests will not be tolerated.  Such behavior will result in members removal from the facility and may result in termination of membership.  All members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

Cell Phone:  Classified requests that all cell phones and personal devices be placed on silent when entering the club/ we ask all members to respect the comfort of all guests.  Please keep loud conversations on your cell phone to a minimum.

Personal Property:  Classified is not responsible for any loss of personal property on the premises or brought onto the premises.  Please keep aware of all of your personal effects while in the club.

Privacy Policy

We ask that members respect the privacy of other members and their guests.  Classified hosts a variety of individuals that value the privacy we provide.  Subsequently, no photos are permitted within the Club at any time.  Social media posts from within the Club are banned and cause for termination of membership.

For more information, please contact Sean Daily at [email protected] 


  • Complimentary Cigar when dining with us
  • Free Cocktail Classes
  • Club Member only Dinner Menu
  • Discounts and First Access to Rootstock Events (Wine Dinners, Music Events, etc.)
  • Access to Member Only Distillery events
  • Access to Member Only Private Barrel Selections
  • Personalized phone App with multiple functionalities including access to the Club as well as cellar tracking, making reservations, ordering ahead.  Other features to be added later include access to a network of clubs around the country, and access to Private Distillery trips for members only.
  • Priority access to rent our tasting room for private events.
  • Priority access to rent Spirits lockers, when available.
  • Complimentary Birthday Cocktail
  • Members only dinner events with some of the Top Distilleries
  • And much more…
Classified Applcation


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