Our “Room for More” Expansion Plans

After sharing the love of Rootstock and Vine with Downtown Woodstock and the surrounding area for the last three years, we are thrilled to announce the news about our expansion that will offer even more to love about Rootstock! 

Our expansion comes with a rebrand, which if you’ve been following along with us over the last few months, you might have noticed. The colors, fonts and direction feel warm and inviting and authentic, which is how we want visitors of Rootstock to feel while they dine and celebrate with us. 

Our New, Expanded Live Music Room 

The expansion will include a new building for Rootstock, with a multi-purpose upstairs area designed so that it will accommodate musicians perfectly. Our vision for this area is also an elegant space to hold special events, and the upstairs will be ideal for both. 

Since we opened our doors in 2017, we’ve been dedicated to supporting local (and outside) artists by offering a unique place to come and share their music. The upper level will be an indoor/outdoor space with a full bar and large, bright windows that can open to allow the breezes to move through, but we will still have the flexibility to secure them during cold weather and rainy days. 

The space will be fit for musicians, with a stage located in the center of the room, and technology for sound and lights already provided so that the spotlight can be on them. Plus, for all our live music and Listening Room acts, guests will be able to hear the music throughout the entire restaurant, no matter where they’re sitting. 

An Expansive Kitchen for Chef AJ 

Another exciting part of our expansion will be a large kitchen for Executive Chef AJ and the rest of our talented kitchen staff. 

The new kitchen will triple the size of our current kitchen, which will support our organic growth from wine and tapas to offering a much more expansive menu with entrees, brunch, and regular weekly specials. We look forward to giving Chef and the rest of the team a beautiful kitchen that will allow them to work harmoniously together to create delicious local-gourmet dishes. 

Additional Details 

The downstairs of our new building will a place for the Woodstock Whiskey Club, started by Rootstock owner Sean Daily. Sean started WWC for like-minded individuals who apreciate the wonders and benefits of Scotch, Bourbon and Whisky. Sean uses the group’s Facebook page to share information about upcoming tasting events, new spirits, and a general knowledge about the wonderful world of whiskey. These events are sponsored by Rootstock, and we team up with distillers to distribute barrels, host events, and promote our own enjoyment of the brown spirits. 

We hope the expansion will be complete next summer to offer room for more space for live music, special events, tasting events, and more. To stay up-to-date on all things #roomformore, sign up for our newsletter and follow along with our journey online! 

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Now Hiring! Come Join Our Family

Celebrate your valentine date with us

Chef AJ and her culinary team have created a delightful menu for us to enjoy on Valentines’ Day. This 3-course offering will be available on Feb 14th during regular dinner hours. Don’t disappoint your date and miss out on this romantic gesture.

$80 per person.

*We encourage everyone to view the full menu prior to making a reservation, as it will be the ONLY menu we will be serving on Feb 14th.