Update: Rootstock’s Plans for Re-Opening After Georgia Shutdown

A Note From Sean and Anna:

After much consideration, and with both the livelihoods of our staff and the safety of our guests in mind, as of now, we have made the decision to re-open for dine-in on Friday, May 1st at 3:00pm.

We are fully aware that reopening Rootstock and Vine (and other restaurants) at this time is an incredibly sensitive topic for many, and we humbly ask for your patience, understanding, and kindness with this decision. We believe that we’re weathering the same storm, just from different boats, and we sincerely hope that all our other fellow Cherokee County restaurant owners receive the same respect and understanding when they make their decisions to re-open.

Please know that we are making preparations for reopening following the latest orders given by Governor Kemp, including limited seating on the rooftop, side patio, and inside our restaurant.

Guests will not be seated within a minimum of 6 feet of each other, with no more than 4 guests at a table at one time and extra precautions will be taken, including:

  • Completing a pre-shift health check of every employee.

  • Certifying every staff member in food safety, with a minimum of two certified managers on duty for each shift.

  • Making hand sanitizer available to all employees and sanitizing our dining settings after every use.

  • Making hand sanitizer available to all guests upon entering and exiting the restaurant.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces regularly, in addition to our regular standards.

  • Observing health officials’ social distancing recommendations.

  • Continuing to offer our delivery and curbside service to allow people who aren’t comfortable coming to dine in yet to enjoy our food and wine from home.

To control the number of people allowed inside the restaurant, we will be doing dine-in via *Reservations Only.* To secure a table, please visit: https://rootstocknow.com/reservations/  or please call 770-544-9009.

Dine-in hours will be limited to the following:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 5-8pm
Friday: 3-9pm
Saturday: 12-9pm
Sunday 12-8pm

ALL of our guests are important to us, and we’ve missed you all terribly. For those of you have offered your support through curbside, delivery and other special orders during this time, we can’t thank you enough. It’s through your effort and support that we’ve been able to weather this storm, albeit with some immense shifts and changes in our staff, offerings, and more.

We know and completely understand that not everyone will be comfortable venturing out just yet, and we hope that if that’s the case, you’ll continue to show your support through curbside and delivery, as we have every intention of keeping those offerings running for the foreseeable future. We hope that you will continue to follow along on Facebook and Instagram or visit our website for any changes that may impact this schedule.

As we mentioned in our first message before we made the decision to close, we know we’re privileged to serve this wonderful community, and our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our guests and staff. Again, we thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you soon in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Your Friends,

Anna & Sean Daily

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