Step Up Your Special Events at Rootstock and Vine

Spring has officially sprung, and Special Event season is here!

Once the blooms start to open and the trees show their leaves, the area of Downtown Woodstock comes alive with color. In addition to mother nature’s signal, spring usually marks the start of planning for special events like baby showers, wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, graduation parties and other events. Our restaurant is an ideal location for all of the above, and our events staff are some of the best in metro Atlanta. Here’s what you can expect from booking your next private event at Rootstock and Vine.

How is Rootstock and Vine Different?

Anyone who books an event with us is treated as an ultimate VIP. Many of the events that we help create are very special, both for the host/hostess or the individuals they’re hosting for. For our team, it doesn’t matter if the party includes 6 or 30 (or more) people–the experience we create is the same for both. The attention to detail goes into helping plan every single aspect: the food, atmosphere, linens, etc.

Meet Our Events Coordinator

Eniko Steele, our events coordinator, has been part of the Rootstock team since opening to the public, bringing years of event management experience to the table. She has played a huge role in Rootstock since the restaurant opened, doing everything from carrying in tables when we set up the patio, to helping us plan beautiful events for weddings, birthdays and more.

Regarding her work at Roostock, Eniko says:

What do you love most about working at Rootstock? “I love building relationships through my work. I enjoy meeting new people who host their events with us, and seeing them again as they continue to come back for other events. I love working with Anna and Sean–you can find me at Rootstock even when I’m not working! I enjoy the people, the food, the wine selection, all of it.”

What’s your favorite event to plan? “I really love rehearsal dinners. It’s such a special day in most people’s lives. There’s something very important to me about being a part of planning such a memorable, elegant event for someone else; choosing linens and flowers, helping with the menu, etc.”

Planning Your Event at Rootstock and Vine

We recommend to all guests to come and see the space early in their event timeline so they can get a better idea of the vision we can help create.

Our event process: First, Eniko will schedule a phone call and set up a first a first meeting at the restaurant. At that time, we discuss all the event details, and guests can go home and discuss everything. Once they’re ready to move forward, the second meeting includes the Chef and bar manager on food selections, and at that time, guests will make decisions on food and drink options. After all the details have been confirmed and the final contract is signed, it’s time to get ready for the event!

Guests have the option of reserving our restaurant, rooftop, or side patio, depending on what their event needs are. We can plan private or semi-private events, with availability for both seated and standing events. For events like baby showers and birthday parties, we can plan everything within a 1-2 week timeframe, working with the kitchen staff to select dishes off the menu. For a rehearsal dinner, we are available to help plan your event a few months out, and can create a custom menu, if desired.

We can provide decorations, or you are welcome to bring your own. Rest assured, our team can assist with every detail!

Rooftop at a Glance:
70 people maximum (not seated)
Can be used for private events with use of the back staircase
Gorgeous, 360-degree views of Downtown Woodstock

Restaurant at a Glance:
60 people maximum (seated), or 100 people maximum (standing)
Can be used for private or semi-private events

Side Patio at a Glance:
25 people maximum

Please Note: We’re happy to welcome children to Rootstock and Vine, but we do not have high chairs or a children’s menu.

To book your next special event with us, please inquire on our Private Events page, or call us to schedule a visit.

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